Acrylic badge pre-order

pre-order image
Laser engraved Acrylic badges:

Fluorescent acrylic:
27,50 (incl. art by nihilusion)
22,50 (excl. art)
Non fluorescent acrylic:
25,00 (incl. art by nihilusion)
20,00 (excl. art)
(all prices shown may be subject to change)
This price includes:

A custom made acrylic badge.
A Badge clip.
Shipping within the Netherlands.
and a clear acrylic bone-shaped tag with your name. (image)
More info:

These are pre-orders and might take a while to make,
they should be done within 6 to 8 weeks but probably sooner.
If there are any unexpected delays I will inform you of them.
The badges are made out of 3mm thick Acrylic and are available in a variety of colours.
For now they will have to fit within a 9,5x9,5cm square.
Bigger sizes are available at extra cost. (contact me for more info)
At this point I haven't been able to see all the colours with my own eyes
and I can not guarantee what they will look like just yet.
If you order a colour that I don't have in stock yet
I will send you a picture for confirmation when I get that colour form my supplier.
(click for bigger image)
pre-order image pre-order image pre-order image pre-order image

There is an option to get badges as a collab commission between :iconnihilusion: and me.
you will have to supply her with a Reference, a name and an expression.
see the examples above for her art style.
If you want to supply your own art you will have to supply me with a high quality image to work with.
I can work with a lot of different images, but preferably I work with black and white line art.
if you are unsure about the image you want to use, contact me, I'd be happy to take a look.
available colours:

Blue. (image normal light on the left black light on the right.)
Orange, Yellow, Green, Pink. (normal light:image image black light:image)
The fluorescent acrylic picks up light from the front and back and emits it from the edges of the badge.
This effect is very cool and makes the badge really stand out.
At this point I can not yet confirm if all colours react under UV light (blacklight) but
the red/orange as shown in the picture above does and I think the other will too.
clear. (image)
Pink, Purple, Yellow, Orange, blue, green. (image)
red, light red, light blue, light green. (no pictures available yet)
if you want a different colour, let me know, I'll see what I can do.

All badges are shipped in bubble envelopes for protection.
shipping costs for NL: FREE!
shipping costs for EU: 2,50
shipping costs for world: 3,50


email: Anton[at]fullformfreedom[dot]cc
skype: a.stamhuis
~vIDo Rothfuss

ps. If I forgot something important let me know, I'll add it. :3